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Welcome to REVY RASCALS!


Revy Rascals offers a safe, stimulating, and joyful environment that allows children to try out new things, follow their natural curiosity, have multiple opportunities to take risks, and celebrate their achievements. 

Hours of Operation

Monday          8:00-4:45

Tuesday         8:00-4:45

Wednesday    8:00-4:45   

Thursday.       8:00-4:45 

Friday             8:00-4:45

Kids Playing with Lego


Revy Rascals program is perfect for active toddlers. I offer age-appropriate activities to let curious toddlers explore while building skills and coordination. As communication becomes more important, children are stimulated to develop language skills through songs, stories, and games. Sensory explorations through sand, water play, and many other natural materials are provided in the daily programs. 

Ages 3 - 5 

Children at this age need more attention in a caring and loving environment that help their smooth transition from one phase to another. They will have the choice to practice different skills through play such as science/sensory bins, and using different art techniques including cutting, painting, drawing, Children will have the opportunity to play/act out scenes such as a doctor, family, and grocery store with the dramatic play toys and dress up. Daily we will learn different concepts such as numbers, letters, shapes, colors, sequencing, and patterning. 

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