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  • What ages of children do you accept?
    Revy Rascals accepts children between the ages of 1 year up until the child attends kindergarten. At this point in time I currently have no openings for before and after school care.
  • Does Revy Rascals provide meals or snacks?
    Revy Rascals Procedure and Policy regarding snacks and lunch is as follows: All children over the age of one year will be provided one morning snack and one afternoon snack. A weekly schedule will be kept ensuring all snacks being served are balanced and to ensure that the children are receiving their required supply of essential nutrients. Lunch is to be provided by parents unless an arangement is made with Revy Rascals.
  • What is the attendance policy when my child is ill?
    We want your child to be healthy while at Revy Rascals. To ensure he/she stays healthy, we require that children do not attend daycare until they are fever-free and symptom free for 48-hours - this helps keep your child and other children in daycare healthy.
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